Next week, Monday, June 21st through Friday, June 25th, five nonprofit organizations in Cheyenne have teamed up for the 1st annual Affordable Housing Awareness Week.

The purpose will be to encourage and help those in the Cheyenne community to learn about affordable housing challenges, along with what each of the five nonprofit organizations can do to provide their services. The local nonprofits that are teaming up next week are Humanity of Laramie County, Unaccompanied Students Initiative, Comea Shelter, Family Promise, and My Front Door.

Dan Dorsch, the Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County Special Projects Coordinator spoke to Wyoming News Now about why is what so important for the five nonprofits to come together for Affordable Housing Awareness Week:

We love to work with other nonprofits and members of the community whenever we can, and that strength of partnership is really what’s going to be able to move this issue forward and find the right solution.

Aaron Kelly, the Cheyenne Case Manager for Family Promise talked about the challenges that each nonprofit is helping the community to face that will be addressed next week:

The pandemic’s just made it so much worse. The barrier for entry to get into these homes is extremely high, and then trying to maintain housing through experiencing joblessness, and different barriers, and resources that are no longer there to support them, has been the greatest hit to them

Each day of Affordable Housing Awareness Week will be devoted to a different nonprofit. The days for each nonprofit are listed as such:

  • Monday - Unaccompanied Students Initiative
  • Tuesday - Family Promise
  • Wednesday - COMEA Shelter
  • Thursday - Habitat for Humanity
  • Friday - My Front Door

You can view the full detailed schedule of events for each day of Affordable Housing Awareness Week at the link provided here.

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