Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says a North Dakota company that recently visited Cheyenne may be willing to invest in projects to help address Cheyenne's housing issues.

The mayor made the comments in his ''Mayor's Minute" column on Friday, Sept. 9. Collins did not name the company.

A lack of affordable housing has been an issue in Cheyenne for years, according to economic development groups, city officials, and others.

In his column, the mayor wrote the following:

We have talked about our housing needs for a long time now. We had a company from Fargo, North Dakota visit and fall in love with Cheyenne. I found out about their visit and asked the realtor to set up a meeting so I could sell Cheyenne and answer any questions they might have.  We got a chance to Zoom on Tuesday and I am so encouraged by the way these folks see our city. They love our downtown area and the beautiful buildings we are still blessed to have. They also loved the local restaurants they visited. The best part is they are interested in making investments in Cheyenne and helping us solve our housing crisis.

The mayor in March wrote in his column that the Hynds Building in downtown Cheyenne might at some point offer affordable housing for Cheyenne residents. It's not clear at this point whether that remains a possibility.

The mayor last November said at that time another company was looking at building 700 housing units in the city.

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