“We listened in a room, through the miles and miles of night. Deep in the heart of the Bible belt in the golden radio light.

Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us company.”

Mr. Radio – Roderick Falconer

Back in 1933, there were no tablets, smartphones, laptops or computers at all. Television was in it’s infancy, just moving beyond silhouette images then, but certainly not in wide use. Those with money and the ability, had radio for news and entertainment.

82 years ago this week, a radio legend with a silver bullet, a white horse and a hearty "HiYo Silver Awayyyy..." was born. THE LONE RANGER was heard on the radio for the first time.  It ran for an amazing 2,956 episodes . . . and ended in 1955. It was a precursor to the golden age of radio. 82 years ago . . .Back in the day, this was huge.

This song brings the era to life for me and I’d like to share it with you now. Mr. Radio.

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