If you've ever locked your keys in your vehicle, you know how much of a pain in the rear it is. Whether you have a friend, family member or significant other that has a spare, you're often still at their mercy until they can get to you... "if" they even can get to you.

Thus was the case with me on Saturday afternoon after I was leaving the annual Bowl for Jason's Friends event at El Mark-O Lanes. As I was leaving, I placed my hoodie on the passenger side seat while I placed an order for lunch (I was hungry, sue me). Although I applaud myself for not driving ad talking on my cell phone, my hunger is definitely the reason for my mishap. After I placed my order, I realized I hadn't said goodbye to a few people, so I locked my Jeep doors and went back in to properly exchange pleasantries.

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Upon exiting the bowling alley for the second time, I realized I had indeed locked my keys in the vehicle (my keys were in my hoodie pocket which was laying on the front seat). As the temperature was fairly nice Saturday, my back, driver's window was down a little, but unfortunately, not down far enough to for me to reach my arms in and unlock the doors.

However, a much smaller person, a young lady, came to the rescue, quite literally risking a limb. She managed to contort her arm in ways I didn't think was humanly possible to get my rear door unlocked. She had to be held up (see also: carried), as she was still attached to my back door, hanging from the window, while I hastily crawled through the front to start my Jeep and roll down the window to release her. Because of her kindness and selflessness, I was able to get on with the rest of my day without any damage to vehicle (or my pocketbook).

It's worth noting, that several men came to my aid as well, but it was ultimately a woman that got me on my way. So once again, thank you! As a man and a Marine, my first instinct is almost always to break stuff and worry about the consequences later. You ma'am, proved that all heroes don't wear capes.

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