You can go ahead and say it already, this might be somewhat of a "get off my lawn" post. I promise it's not meant to be. I'm usually on board with new things coming into the Capitol City. I've just already seen a few red flags with their rollout.

I'm sure you've seen these guys hanging around Cheyenne. Usually parked next to a wall. Or, a flock of them going all at once by a group of people aged 14 to 100. The company that distributes these is Segway and they're called "Bandwagon Scooters." If you're not sure how they work, you have to have the Segway app to use them and you pay to use them for a certain time. You just bust out your handy smartphone and scan the QR Code.

attachment-Scooter Info

What's interesting is if you Google that phone number, it's the same shortcode for shows at the Chinook at Terry Bison Ranch.

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A real question that I have for these new means of transportation across the city, is, what can you do and not do on these bad boys? What's not legal? I saw a flock of people that were "enjoying" their Friday riding in circles like it's West Side Story, I'm sure they weren't able to drive a car at that point, so what about an electric scooter? I've asked a couple of people in law enforcement and they weren't really sure. My guess is they're too new to know at this point.

While the new scooters are too new to know about enforcing them, I will come to my own conclusion that, yeah, they're pretty annoying. Or, maybe it's not the scooters themselves that are annoying, it's the grown adults that wouldn't let their children act the way they do on them? That feels more accurate.


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