Well, just in time for Cheyenne Frontier Days, we now have more electric scooters in Cheyenne. I really hope these new scooters have GPS on them so we can see how many make it in a creek or up a tree by Frontier Park. These things are going to be all over the city now, but I digress. It looks like the city is going to do something about them now.

From a Facebook post earlier from the City of Cheyenne.

At the June 28th City Council Meeting, the Governing Body passed three emergency ordinances as it relates to rideshare electric scooters. The three ordinances place appropriate licensing, insurance, and enforcement regulations on electric scooters within the City of Cheyenne. GPS geofencing perimeters and speed limits were also established. Electronic scooters will abide by the same standards as cyclists for traffic rules.

At least it looks like they're going to set some rules for these guys now. I'll actually give the city some props on doing this. When they first hit the mean streets of Downtown Cheyenne, it was anarchy. I did get some response from city officials saying that you CAN get a DUI on one of these, so, maybe don't hit up the beer tent and scoot off down the street. That would be embarrassing.

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Back to the new and improved scooters. To go along with the Bandwagon Scooters, we're now getting the Bird Rides, fresh out of LA, which is what every person from Wyoming loves, products from California.

Bird Rides are offering free rides to health care workers, though, I'm not sure how many will take them up on the offer. I do think the thought is nice.

Let's see where these things wind up after the next 10 days.

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