In what feels like a group of evil-doers walking out into the street, yelling "Warriors, Come Out And Play" the City of Cheyenne has announced the return of the Public Scooters around town. This time, they're new and improved with upgraded scooters! Yay.

You may have seen the new scooters parked on different street corners across Downtown Cheyenne, these are actually larger than what we had last year. Check out the new features, according to the City of Cheyenne's website.

Since their initial release in July 2021, Bird recently introduced a scooter upgrade for Cheyenne. The new B3 scooter model has increased durability, longer battery life, skid detection, and are safer in regards to rider control, acceleration, and balance.

Even though I have feelings about these things(you know, the feeling you're being circled by a group of riders West Side Story style), but this program was very successful in 2021. So, we were due for an upgrade on the scooters. I am glad that they made them safer for the riders, I can't tell you how many times last Summer I saw random tourists losing control and eating it on the sidewalk. The longer battery life is also better for everyone involved. I couldn't imagine jumping on one of those bad boys and the battery dying short of your destination.

I guess there were a lot of issues last year with the scooters being left laying around. The article from the City says that you can " use the scooter’s kickstand to upright one that has fallen or is blocking a sidewalk, should they choose to do so". I just need that Captain America meme where he says, "no I don't think I will". But it is handy if someone just drops it on a walkway.

They do have people in Cheyenne that work for this company to maintain and they can move them, so there's that.

The Scooters are back, let Summer 2022 begin.

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