Are you getting a shot for the coming Wyoming flu season? Experts say you should, but do you? says Wyoming usually has a later start than average to flu season, which means it is not too late for a shot. In fact, it may be just about the right time.

Those with weak immune systems, especially if they’re being treated for it, probably know they should let the doc decide if a flu shot is a good idea. Otherwise, despite the worry that getting the shot can cause the flu, assures us it certainly does not.

Last January reported emergency rooms were rocked by bad cases of last year’s flu virus. This winter’s flu season, however, is expected to be more average. Still, Wyoming Department of Health highly recommends a flu shot as the “best way to prepare for the flu season.”

A co-worker just recently asked if I usually get a flu shot every year, and I remembered getting them as a kid. I said, "Ya know, I don’t believe I’ve gotten a flu shot ever in my adult life." Thinking about that, it occurred that could be why I’ve had a few cases of flu that were pretty nasty.

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