April the Girraffe is so last month... in Wyoming we're celebrating the arrival of baby camels!

The Terry Bison Ranch, just south of Cheyenne along I-25, welcomed their newest additions of the year recently.

Not only was a baby camel delivered, bison calves were noted by the Ranch's Facebook page. 

The Terry Bison Ranch started in 1993. Ron Thiel needed a place to raise bison, and purchased the land for his family. Travelers noticing the bison right off of I-25 began stopping for photos. Thiel later added the Senator's Restaurant, a gift shop, bar, overnight accommodations, and of course more animals.

The Terry Bison Ranch now hosts several events including concerts.

You can likely spot the baby camels and bison off of the I-25 Service Road, however for the best observation point check out one of their train tours!

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