"If you're looking for a great place to play and dine in the Cowboy State, head to the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming."

According to the popular website, OnlyInYourState.com Terry Bison Ranch is "a remote ranch you'll want to visit."

Before we delve into more details about Terry Bison Ranch I need to clarify something.

Terry Bison Ranch is not remote, at least not by Wyoming standards.

I used to live in Cheyenne (and have attended many weddings at this ranch) and it's only about 10 miles outside of town, if that.

You can actually see the entire spread, including it's famous and Bison and Camels when you drive on I-25 South.

Now that we have that out of the way, I can tell you that I totally agree with OnlyInYourState.com.

Terry Bison Ranch IS a place you should visit.

If you're headed down south for Frontier Days with the family it's the perfect time to stop for a look.

From horseback riding to a train that gives you an opportunity to feed Bison (and yes camels too), there is fun to be had for everyone in your family.

Traveling Tom via YouTube
Traveling Tom via YouTube

Fishing, pony rides, walking tours, eating in the exclusive dining car, and ATV tours are also choices for guests to the ranch.

Spending that much time outside in the fresh air and Wyoming wind is bound to make you hungry so make sure you take time to sit in the Senator’s Steakhouse and Saloon.

As I said previously I've attended many an event at the Terry Bison Ranch and I can promise, the food was always amazing. According to their website, the Senator's Steakhouse is open year-round for dinner. and from June 1- September 8 it is open 11am-9pm. Menu choices include

  • Award-winning Bison Shortribs and Bison Burgers
  • New handmade appetizers
  • Cowboy Cookout
  • Senator’s signature prime rib buffet

If you want to take the train tour, which I highly recommend, you have seven times to pick from. I love that kids under 3 are free AND the train is handicap accessible.

While I can't agree with OnlyInYourSate.com saying that the ranch is "remote" I CAN definitely agree that you need to visit this Wyoming treasure next time you're in Cheyenne.

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