My wife and I were driving back to Casper from Denver one day. I peered out my window and noticed some animals in the field that seemed out of place.

“Holy Cow, "I proclaimed, "there are camels in Wyoming.”

My wife didn’t see the humped creatures, and most people who I spoke to about this sighting looked at me like I was crazy. It wasn’t bigfoot or a UFO. This was a real animal. It’s just not what you’d expect to find in the middle of Wyoming. But just south of Cheyenne on I-25, there are camels along with alpacas, bison, peacocks, ostriches, and mustangs at the Terry Bison Ranch.

According to their website, the original intent of the Terry Bison Ranch was to raise bison. Along the way, an opportunity became a reality, and in 1991 they were open to the public. Over the years they have added more species of animals, an RV park, ATV tours, pony rides, a train, a restaurant, a gift shop, and even a bar.

Eureka, I have proven that I’m not crazy. There are camels in Wyoming. They aren’t indigenous, but they are real. Plus the video says they will spit on you if you are not careful. So there is that.


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