Does Oregon's new tourism video look like an acid trip? A lot of people think yes.

Oregon via Youtube

The competition for tourism dollars is fierce and Travel Wyoming does well in enticing tourists with the “That’s Wy” campaign. But we have competition from Oregon’s new tourism video that is filled with animated psychedelic images that are being compared to an acid trip.

Oregon via Youtube

With children riding a giant rabbit, a huge caterpillar bicycling through the forest, and clouds that look like humpback whales, it’s pretty trippy. But then so is Oregon, where psychedelic mushrooms grow wild and the Portland motto is “Keep Portland Weird.”

Seems they have set the bar high.

Searching Youtube with “Wyoming Vacation” brings up several Travel Wyoming videos. Here’s one that was released last month.

If you were a vacation seeking Minnesotan, where would you want to visit?