Wyoming traditionally is not a marijuana-friendly state; however, laws across the country are becoming laxer, and the Equality State actually just ranked as one of the best states in the country for hippies to live. 

If you're into that kind of activity, here's some of our favorite spots for potheads to hang out. Not that we know from experience... 

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    Fried At A Food Truck Rally

    Cheyenne's United Way Food Truck Rally and Casper's Food Truck Friday events are the perfect spot for stoners. And they offer an endless supply of munchie options, dude.

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    Toke & Tie Dye

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    Puff, Puff, Pass At The Planetarium

    For a totally trippy experience, check out one of the many rad shows at the Casper Planetarium. As a bonus, see if the sound guy can throw on some Pink Floyd.

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    Stoned At Stoner Circle

    For decades stoners have giggled at, toked up on, and stolen the street sign at Stoner Circle, an actual street located in Riverton, Wyoming. In Casper you can find High Lane, and in Laramie Green Court.

  • Getty Images, Townsquare Media
    Getty Images, Townsquare Media

    If All Else Fails, "Trip" To Colorado

    You can actually smoke legally in Colorado, so if you get paranoid easily, trip it down south.

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