Look, I know most Bronco's fans really want to have THAT quarterback. You know, the kind of guy that Jacksonville got in Trevor Lawrence, or Chicago got with Justin Fields. Or even for Drew Lock to be better, which, I mean, four years in, I don't see him being much better than a backup for the remainder of his career, going from team to team when they have an injury. Don't get me wrong, he's serviceable, but, do you really want your franchise in his hands? Probably not.

Now, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that Teddy Bridgewater is better than what his numbers showed last year in Carolina. He was put in a terrible situation without their franchise player playing all season. He also didn't have anyone to throw to. Remember, Teddy went 5 and 0 the year before when he had to step in for Drew Brees. He earned his 10 plus million a year as a backup.

Teddy is really accurate, smart and a great teammate. He's probably got a great career as a head coach ahead of him. You really want those in your leader. If you're thinking he's not tough enough, and just disregard that he had to come back from his knee basically exploding, here's a clip from his Sugar Bowl appearance in college.

Jon Bostic with the dirty, yes, dirty hit. He got called for trying to murder young Theodore. Teddy got back up after that hit and lead Louisville to upset the Gators in this game. Bostic got his, he plays for a team without a mascot now.

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If you're worried about Teddy, don't be. He's going to hit his receivers and move the ball down the field. He's also not going to get in trouble off the field. You'll see.

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