You already know where I’m going with this. Just because they’re the “Denver Broncos” doesn’t mean that free beer for them isn’t free beer for us, right? Alright, I’ll back up, CBS reported recently that Bud Light has put Matt Prater for the Detroit Lions and Brandon McManus from the Broncos to try and kick the longest field goal this season. The kicker that boasts the best field goal will be rewarded by getting free beer for their city. Pretty sweet deal, right? 

If you're wondering how two kickers ended up in a spot where they were duking it out to win millions of free beers for their city, it all started in July when McManus said he wanted to break the NFL record for longest field goal. After listening to the interview, Bud Light said it would give all of Denver free beer if McManus was able to break the record this year, which means he would have kick a 65-yarder.  

After learning of Bud Light's offer, Prater decided to chime-in, which made sense, because he's the current record-holder. 

So, that’s all well and good, but most of the state of Wyoming supports the Broncos, I’m sure there are plenty of fans that have their car with their horse license plate in the parking lot at Mile High Stadium. So, really, if you time you life right, whenever the record for the year is hit, you could have yourself some free beer, thanks to a kicker! I know, right? Never forget, no matter where you are in Wyoming, you’re basically apart of Denver’s Sport’s City proxy. Get that free beer! 

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