A Fort Collins food delivery driver got a little cardio in after his vehicle rolled away while making a delivery to a customer.

According to OutThere Colorado, the incident was captured on a Nest camera and you can see the car starting to roll as the man walks up to the door with the customer's food. Even though he couldn't hear me, I was shouting at my screen saying, "Turn around man, turn around....your car!"

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As I tried unsuccessfully to warn the man about his rolling car, that's when the customer calmly said, "Dude, your car is rolling away, you might want to go grab it."

The delivery guy then proceeded to run down and show off his speed by racing down towards his car.

We're not sure how this ended as the man ran out of sight of the camera but I DID see a car passing by in the opposite direction so we know it passed by at least one car without crashing into it.

I haven't heard anything about anyone or anything being struck by a runaway car in Fort Collins so I'm guessing things didn't end TOO badly, but still...pretty crazy.

After sharing this story with my good buddy Shelby from our sister station 94.3 The X, she proceeded to tell me that "it happens to the best of us" and shared this photo of her car that rolled away...thankfully not too far because that is a SICK ride!


Just a friendly reminder to always make sure your car in the "park" position before exiting your vehicle and just for good measure, slip on the emergency brake.

Be safe out there.

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