In the past several years, delivery services have become that much more popular not just locally, but everywhere. However, one delivery service that has been missing is opening up starting today (Wednesday, June 1st). An alcohol delivery service is opening up in Cheyenne and we're definitely here for it!

The new service opens up at noon today to make all your beer, wine, and liquor runs in the capital city. According to their Facebook page, their daily operations will be available from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. So what is the new alcohol delivery service in Cheyenne called?... is where you will head to get all your beer, wine, and liquor runs done at your luxury. Their Facebook page reads:

Coming soon...!!!!
Are you thirsty? No one to do a beer run?! We got you! We will deliver your alcohol to you ON ICE!
Of course, starting today at noon, you no longer have to worry about the first part where it says, 'Coming soon...!!! STAY TUNED CHEYENNE!' Now it's here!

Once you go to their website, the first thing you are asked for is an uploaded image of your drivers license to show that you are of legal age of course.

If you're someone who orders delivery relatively often, it's as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Now you have a delivery service to replenish your alcohol supply on the weekends. Low on beer? No problem! They will have you covered! Cheers, Cheyenne!

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