In a year that's been unlike any other, food delivery became such an important service to everyone throughout the country. So when you're placing your delivery order, what are you ordering?

The delivery service, Grubhub, released their annual list of trendiest delivery foods and in 2020, it's all about comfort food for the most part. It's definitely not the healthiest list. In Wyoming, it was all about the chicken wings. That was the most popular delivery food in our state and throughout the country, it was the third most popular delivery food for 2020.

In terms of the the top trending delivery dishes in the country, they are as follows:

  1. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  2. Chicken Burrito Bowl
  3. Fried Chicken Wings
  4. Waffle Fries
  5. Cold Brewed Coffee
  6. Steak Quesadilla
  7. Iced Latte
  8. Fish and Chips
  9. Strawberry Shake
  10. Roast Beef Sandwich

It's also no surprise the top side delivery dish was French Fries. Perhaps the most bizarre statistic in Grubhub's findings was the largest order, which was 300 bean burritos. That is a lot of burritos! The runner up for that particular category was an order of 250 tacos. That sounds a lot more reasonable since you can really never have enough tacos, ever!

But there it is Wyoming, whether it's Fried Chicken Wings or a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, we have plenty of delivery options available to us in the Cheyenne area. Especially at a time when food delivery is booming as much as ever, feel free to get your grub on and get your order in. Eat up, Cheyenne!

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