Mr. “Devil Went Down To Georgia,” Charlie Daniels, just Tweeted a grim warning to Taco Bell that stirred the hilarity pot on Twitter.

It’s all because of the new "Belluminati" commercial from Taco Bell.

“The rumors are true. The signs have been there all along. There’s a powerful connection between the dollar...and Taco Bell.”


Charlie’s Tweet got a lot of response and is worth Clicking on the above link and scrolling down to read some of the replies to his post.

Some agree some don't. It's kind of like messing with a Ouiji Board. Many say "approach with caution."

CDB Tom McCarthy, Townsquare Media

In 2015, The Charlie Daniels Band played the Bear Trap Summer Festival in Casper. In the summer of 2018, they will play at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Here's a song from the boys you haven't heard for a long time.

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