What the heck is a mesocyclone? That's a great question to ask before we move forward. A mesocyclone is basically an air mass associated with a supercell. If you have a mesocyclone, that's when the tornado sirens go off and we have a tornado warning. We're so smart now, use that for trivia next time you go. Whatever that category would be.

Back in the summer, on June 8th, 2021, there was a mesocyclone located just north of Cheyenne. Which, if you just look at the cyclone on the video, it looks really cool. Fortunately, I don't believe it turned into conditions of a tornado. I at least don't recall a tornado in June, so I'm guessing we just got this supercell and that was it. Just looking it up, this was the same day as the Greeley tornado from last summer. So this may or may not have been related depending if this went an hour south or so. Who knows.

Here's the video from a storm-chaser on TikTok.

How gnarly is this?! It looks really cool and the mesocyclone is doing some really cool spinning. Mother nature can be awesome to watch at a safe distance and not having to endure the experience of a tornado.

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I love watching videos like this, it's just fascinating to see nature in action. Just how beautiful and scary at the same time it can be. It just really makes me want to go home and pop in Twister so I can watch the "Cow scene".

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