There's a lot of news to unpack here with the announcement that Joe Pickett will get a second season on Spectrum. According to the website, Deadline, Joe Pickett is the biggest show on Spectrum. With good reason, Wyoming's own, C.J. Box made the source material for the series.

If you've read the books, you know that this series is based very close to the subject matter, which is somewhat odd for TV shows and movies. Typically, they want to "Hollywood" the story too much and it comes out flat. Not so much for Joe Pickett, as if you ask fans of the books, the series is very close to what they do in the books.

The second big news for this is that the series is also set to stream on Paramount+! That's huge news as it's already the place to watch the series 1883, and Paramount is the home for Yellowstone, Joe Pickett just feels like he belongs with them as his close personal friends. No date has been set for the Paramount+ release, but it's coming soon!

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Spectrum did announce that Joe Pickett is the biggest series they have and over 1 million people watched the series in December when the show debuted. Let's dive into that a little, shall we? It's a "Spectrum Original" so having over 1 million viewers is pretty impressive due to the small net of people that can watch the show, with it being limited to those with Spectrum television.

I think we have a bonafide Wyoming hit on our hands and we're all about to enjoy the series like we do Yellowstone and 1883. Get ready!

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