Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day. One local company is helping us enjoy it one bite at a time. 

There are several options for people to enjoy an ice cream cone in Cheyenne. And some folks are even lucky enough to have ice cream cones driving down their neighborhood.

I remember running down the street to catch the ice cream truck when I was a kid. How about you? Do you remember running down the street when you were a kid trying to chase down the "Ice Cream Man" in his truck? Well...I have been living here in Cheyenne for about eight years now and for some reason, the ice cream truck never visits my neighborhood.

I found out there really are only two ice cream truck businesses in Cheyenne. Recently, I came across an ice cream truck by accident really while I was driving around town.

Ice Cream Island 307 is in their second season in Cheyenne. Owners Joel and Lydia operate two ice cream trucks around town. They even accept requests to visit individuals at their own houses.

They sell ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, sodas and soon kettle corn. They really enjoy Cheyenne, and they have been impressed by the generosity of the residents of Cheyenne. Customers have actually been "Paying It Forward" and paying for ice cream for kids whose parents can't afford to buy them ice cream. What a great idea.

If you follow them on Facebook, you can see where they are and request that they stop by your neighborhood.

Rob Roberts - Townsqaure Media
Rob Roberts - Townsquare Media


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