Cheyenne Frontier Nights concert goers have favorite memories, but so do some performers, themselves.

Of course, we know one night that was not good for Miranda Lambert. She broke down on stage over her divorce from Blake, but he crowd performed the rest of the song very nicely.

All others said only kind things about their experiences, like the late Chris LeDoux, who was incapable of saying an unkind word period. (Likely his son, Ned LeDoux will be the same as an opening act on Saturday, the 24th.)

Merle Haggard mentioned the benefits of Cheyenne’s dry air and the view from his front porch.

As for the thinner air here, we give all the stars a free pass on mentioning that. Once Martina McBride did, then proceeded to belt out "Independence Day" like a champ.

Big and Rich had a memorable special night. Well, the term memorable is used loosely. Rumor has it that they got pretty tipsy and described the night the drunkest they have ever experienced.

We may not know if it is completely true or not, but we do know that Cheyenne Frontier Days makes an impression on both fans and stars alike.