Saturday event was a great time for those that love theater in Cheyenne, and those that are close within the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players, who have been working on the 2022-2023 lineup. After a cocktail hour at the historic Atlas Theater, the group announced the lineup, and it's looking like we'll have some great shows to look forward to.

If you remember, late last week, Cheyenne Little Theatre teased what their opening and closing musicals will be. They chose the color green and hearts for the opening show, which, some on social media did figure out what would be the classic, "Little Shop Of Horrors". The second was a magic wand, which lead the social media sleuths to think it'd be "Beauty And The Beast" or a Harry Potter Musical when it's actually "Cinderella".

Here, check out the full lineup.

I'm pretty interested in the Holiday play "The Trial Of Ebenezer Scrooge". Actually, I'm pretty excited about all of these shows. "Little Shop Of Horrors" is a great story and we'll all be screaming "Suddenly Seymour" at the top of our lungs from the balcony at the Atlas Theater. Or, wherever I'm seated during that show.

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Cheyenne Little Theatre did a great job of slow playing this announcement. They brought in a lot of intrigue with the clues, as well. It was nice to see that there was a lot of buzz about the new season announcement as we rolled into the weekend. I think it was an even better treat when you look at all the plays coming to Cheyenne.

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