When Cheyenne Little Theatre released their schedule for the upcoming season, I was really excited. It's a really solid lineup and the first show that I saw that made my eyes light up is the show that is going to hit Atlas Theater next month. It's a perfect classic and I'm sure, we've all sung songs randomly or quoted the film adaptation of this classic.

What is the next show from Cheyenne Little Theatre?

This show kicks off Friday, September 23rd, and is none other than Little Shop Of Horrors! This is perfect with it being at the end of September and everyone having the feeling of the Halloween season in their veins. The run will last Thursdays through Sundays starting September 23rd and ending October 8th.

The last two years of productions from Cheyenne Little Theatre have been absolute home runs, so kudos to Cheyenne Little Theatre Players for putting on these awesome shows to keep The Atlas Theater going and keep us entertained throughout the year.

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Tickets are on sale now for a must-see performance at The Atlas Theater with prices ranging from $16.50 to $26.50. You can purchase tickets in advance here.

I don't think there is a better place to catch an epic production of Little Shop Of Horrors than by seeing it at the historic Atlas Theatre. There's so much history there, I wouldn't say the play is going to be spooky, but I feel like the setting being in an older theater, just makes the experience that much better. Late September can't get here soon enough!

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