New year, new shows to check out with Cheyenne Little Theatre. This should be an awesome performance. I love getting to check out music at the Atlas Theater. It just feels like you're stepping back in time and enjoying music like they did when the theater first opened up.

If you're ready to toe-tap with the Cheyenne Little Theatre, The Atlas Follies Presents "A Night Of Music" is coming on January 22nd. Showtime will be at 7 pm with tickets be just 30 bucks.

The show will feature Nick Simons Jazz Quartet, The Piano Man, and Wade Holzapfel. There will also be a silent auction during the event. You can find ticket info here.

I searched on YouTube to try and give you a taste of what music will be performed at the Atlas, here's a clip of Wade Holzapfel.

This should be an awesome night of music, it's not a really common type of show unless you're checking out the symphony at the Civic Center. So this should be some great entertainment for a very slow January in the Capital City.

A huge shoutout to the Cheyenne Little Theatre for continuously coming up with great entertainment in Cheyenne. They're a true treasure in our community and they're hitting it out of the park with each performance.

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If you're wondering what their next show will be, "Don't Dress For Dinner" which is going to open in February. They just finished auditions for the show a couple of weeks ago, so we should be in for another treat coming up next month.


Mullen Fire Burn Scars (September 2021)

Over Labor Day Weekend, I tagged along on a hunting trip in Medicine Bow National Forest near Laramie, Wyoming. As someone that grew up 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, I have never gone hunting. Though the experience of hunting was in itself very eye-opening, I think the most fascinating part was that we were in the middle of burn scars from the Mullen Fire in 2020.

Seeing the photos of the fire itself is quite frightening. Watching the firefighters work to put them out is heroic. Yet, it is absolutely haunting to stand in an area where there were trees at one point, and now there are only the broken remains of what was part of a mighty forest.

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