Cheyenne Little Theatre absolutely kills getting awesome show productions to bring to Cheyenne and this week kicks off one that is sure to sell quickly. Mama Mia! The show kicks off this Friday, September 24th through October 10th. It will take place at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse with tickets for adults costing 24 bucks.

Seats are starting to fill up for this one. You can actually pick your seat on their website here if you're interested in getting that perfect spot. But, don't wait too long, they'll sell out at the rate these look to be going! I mean, who doesn't want to get their Abba on?

I feel like this is the perfect musical to get the city of Cheyenne excited to go out to see a play again, especially with everything being more accessible now, there's no reason to not plan your date night around dinner and a show. You know, like we use to do.

Either way you look at it, Cheyenne Little Theatre really has outdone themselves this year on their play selection, especially going after such a heavy hitter play as Mama Mia. We're still only about halfway through the 2021-22 season, so this is just a taste of the great work they're doing.

In case you're wondering, the next play series they'll have will be A Murder Is Announced, coming up November 12th through the 21st. That will also be at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse with tickets for that show going on sale in October.

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