I recently discovered Agatha Christie and all her great works. The murder mystery subscription site, Hunt A Killer is about to release some mysteries based on her work. As a huge fan of true crime, I'm pretty excited for that upcoming release. While I've become more accustomed to Agatha Christie, it's a great coincidence that the Cheyenne Little Theatre is set to perform one of her great works, "A Murder Is Announced".

I'm a huge fan of the Cheyenne Little Theatre and all of the work they've done. It was incredibly impressive how they were able to navigate a pandemic and continue their great service to the community. I actually have tickets to their shadow cast tomorrow night of Rocky Horror Picture Show. So, I'm certain, they're going to knock Agatha Christie's work out of the park.

The show is set to run November 12th through the 21st at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse in Cheyenne. Tickets are 22 dollars for adults and you can purchase them here.

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If there is anything to take away from this murder mystery, it's if you see a notice for a murder being announced, you should probably be more interested than the characters in this performance based off a novel.

This is just another great show for the season that the Cheyenne Little Theatre has put together and they will no doubt knock it out of the park with another great performance. I'm looking forward to see how well the screenplay is adapted from the novel, which I know will be worth the wait.

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