A spokesman for the Cheyenne Police Department says roundabouts are far safer than traditional intersections.

Officer Dan Long says that while "we have definitely had several incidents" at the city's major roundabout at Converse/Pershing/19th Street, the overall severity of damage and injuries is far less than at traditional intersections.

Long says that is because if someone runs a red light at a traditional intersection they often will "t-bone" another vehicle, sometimes at a high speed. Long says that often results in serious injuries and extensive damage.

He says because roundabout accidents typically happen at different angles and often with vehicles heading in the same direction, the impact is less intense and damage and injuries are more minor.

Long admits 'there are still some problems" at the roundabout, but he says he thinks more people are using the roundabout "and people are getting the hang of it."

He says the accident rate should continue to decline as that trend continues.


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