You read that right. I say that, knowing full well how people in Cheyenne feel about Roundabouts and when they get plopped in. I'm one to agree, BUT, the one behind Frontier Mall actually functions properly, compared to the one off Pershing, at least. Maybe it's because there's nowhere near the traffic, and maybe it's because it's brand new. I'm just saying, it's really nice, and I don't feel like someone is going to drive through the middle of it like I do on Pershing.

The roundabout itself just functions so much better and the entrances are all nice and new. They're very easy to enter giving you a better opportunity to make your exit and roll through. That's also kind of an issue with roundabouts in general, drivers that don't know how they work. The whole goal is to merge and it feels like this new roundabout helps with that.

I'm also, in no way advocating for more roundabouts. I live in Midtown, so I really don't event want the one on Pershing. That's just chaos. But roundabouts work where they make sense. At least the Pershing roundabout could be plowed through, pretty easily, and stop lights added. But I'm not sure if we want more stoplights? Would it make that intersection any better? Who knows, I'm no infrastructure expert. I just enjoyed the use of the new roundabout when I went to B-Dubs yesterday to watch the All-Star Game.

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The real question...Do you have a favorite roundabout? We have a few to choose from in the Capitol City.


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