One of Cheyenne's favorite topics in the last few years has been --- roundabouts, of course.

And, even if you've perfected the art, most Cheyenne motorists admit they've done something embarrassing at least once while trying to navigate through one.

Last week, we asked our listeners what they would say their most embarrassing experience was. After several votes, here's how the final results tallied...

  1. Took the wrong exit - 24%
  2. Changed lanes illegally - 20%
  3. Had to go around multiple times - 16%
  4. I have never screwed up, I'm a perfect "roundabout-er" 16%
  5. Went the wrong direction - 8%

We also collected a few votes in the "other" category in which users could enter their own story.

Here are a few of those answers...

Had a fender bender

Almost got into a wreck

I hate it and avoid it like the plague

I refuse to drive through one

I don't know, I have never been in one

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