One thing that I've stood by since moving to Cheyenne over a year ago, we really need a nice pizza pub in town. Growing up where the Midwest meets the Southeast, I was very privileged to enjoy the meeting place of the two region's great pizza. My college years at The University of Louisville, saw many choices in great pizza pubs that we would hang out, eat and enjoy adult beverages that we were just now old enough to enjoy.

In an article from the website Aviationpros, they discuss that it is "likely" that Billy Jack's Pizza Pub is coming to Cheyenne Regional Airport. The pizza pub is based out of Kearney, Nebraska.

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With the restaurant, Cloud 9 vacant at the Cheyenne Regional Airport, there is a void that the airport would like to fill, and not with just people flying in and out of the airport, they're looking at Cheyenne locals.

Airport Director, Tim Barth was quoted in the Wyoming Tribune saying:

We don't want this just to be an airport restaurant," Barth said. "We want this to be the Cheyenne destination airport where people can come out and relax, have a beer at the end of the day and watch the planes land and take off. In between the flight schedules, we've got plenty of parking, and it's such a beautiful place.

This seems like we'll have a nice local flavor to a newer Pizza franchise. What do you think? Do you like the idea of enjoying a nice beverage and slice of pizza while planes come and go from the Capitol City? I'm here for it.


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