Chuck Geiger, Townsqaure Media[/caption]We live in a such a beautiful area, that needs to be captured from time to time with photos. We might miss what's going on around us and need to look back to see it. 

I am amazed every morning and afternoon at sunrise and sunset, in Cheyenne, at the palette in the sky. I wish I had my good Canon camera with me all the time, but the trusty cell phone comes in handy. The hues and shades of the morning sun are still my favorite. I work in the ANB Building in downtown Cheyenne, where our studios are located, with a great view of the sunrises each morning when I'm on the air on Cowboy Country.

Chuck Geiger, Townsquare Media[/caption]They are almost significant every single morning. The more dramatic sunrises are the ones with lenticular clouds in the sky. These are the "UFO" clouds that are very common in Wyoming. They form in clear days, on top of other clouds and are formed by the wind. No shortage of that here.

Chuck Geiger, Townsquare Media[/caption]I hope I'm not boring my Facebook friends with my collection of sunrise and sunset photos from the Cheyenne sky. These are almost perfect atmospheric conditions. After living in Alaska this is second only to the Last Frontier for landscape photos. We are so lucky to grace these plains and mountains of Wyoming. Click here to visit my Alaska photo blog.