Big Country Speedway did something for the first time ever this past weekend. Traditionally since 1948, the track has been used mainly as a regular race track. Instead of traditional racing, they brought in some Monster Trucks to tear things up.

Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, two time world champion Avenger, 26 year veteran Kreg Christensen and many other big names showed up to town. He and the rest of his peers sold out the track on Saturday evening.

Several different competitions were held for the evening, but they started off with the best wheelie contest. The contest was so intense that it came to a cheer off with the crowd and of course Avenger took the victory.

Cory Rummell, who tries to control Avenger on a nightly basis, said he is living his dream.
"I love building stuff, I love working on things. The best part about the whole thing is, I get to drive it and that basically itself is an adrenaline rush and I couldn't change it for the world."

If you missed the monster trucks, that's ok, racing is always happening at the Big Country Speedway.

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