There are many great camping areas in Wyoming. One very popular place to visit is the Glendo Reservoir at Glendo State Park. 

The 2017 eclipse passed right over the lake causing the little town of Glendo, population 203, to swell to over 100,000 people.

I was there for the eclipse. But I had a campsite all to myself with almost no one around, because I knew where to go.

There is a trick to finding a prime camping spot. Here are a few of my best suggestions. Lets keep this just between you and me. We can't have everyone knowing about these little hidden camp sites or they won't be hidden anymore.

Avoid the east side of the lake. It is very pretty over there and that side of the lake is covered is shade trees, but that is also where everyone goes.

The south side of the lake has lots to offer, a marina, and plenty of camping high up and in the trees for those with a camper or RV. You're looking for the Two Moon campground if you like those things.

If you are like me and you want to get away from the people, but still be close to beaches and hiking trails, keep driving. Drive all the way around, over the dam, and keep going to the east side.

Sandy Beach campground is on the east side and is beautiful. But again, populated. Keep driving.

Beyond here camping is first come first serve. You cannot reserve a spot.

After many twists and turns there is a sign for Indian Camp Ground. There is a paved boat ramp for those who need it. That is one of the advantages of that spot. But you are not quite there yet. After passing the boat ramp there is a small cattle guard to cross then a road immediately to the left. Turn in and take the first campground on the left. It is down in the trees where it is cool and, because of the landscape, it is impossible for anyone else to camp close by. There is a little inlet of water at the base of the site which cools the summer breeze as it comes off the lake. Because that camp site does not have many neighbors the outhouses are, um, not so full. That means the smell is bearable and there are far fewer flies.

Just a little north of there is Broken Arrow Camp Ground. This spot has sandy beaches and lots of trees, it is beautiful. But because it is so nice it is often full of people, and that means the outhouse is full of, um. So it kinda stinks.

You can continue north, but the gravel road turns to ruts and that is the end of the water pumps to fill your jug and outhouses.

High up above the lake, in the sun, is Burnt Wagon. There are nice beaches in the cover of trees below the campsites and it is quiet.

The last possible place is Muddy Bay. A word of caution about Muddy Bay is mosquitoes. There is also all that water but no way to get to it because, well, it is called Muddy Bay for a reason. It is a marsh. But if your interest is being alone and watching land animals, water life, and birds of all shapes and sizes, Muddy Bay is the place to be.

Enjoy exploring. Send us your suggestions for great hidden Wyoming campsites, and remember, don't tell anyone else about these places.


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