The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority announced Friday that it has overhauled its ReRide program.

The new and improved bike sharing program is centered around app-based usage and provides an active alternative to downtown transportation.

"(It) provides an incredibly easy and secure way for people to get outside and explore downtown," said Executive Director Amber Ash.

"These bicycles can be checked out 24/7," added Ash. "We wanted to increase the convenience and accessibility for the public’s use, and hope that this will continue to increase ridership."

The DDA says the bikes are GPS enabled -- which means they can be tracked at all times -- and if someone tries to take one without renting it, the wheels will lock and a digital lock alarm will sound.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to revamp this ReRide program and troubleshoot many of the issues that have been a problem in the past," said Ash.

Information about the ReRide program as well as directions on how to rent a bike can be found at


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