When Jason Howard bought a building on Main Street in Riverton, he wanted to display the biggest American flag in town at his new business. This week, the City of Riverton denied his plan, ruling that the proposed 80-foot flagpole was too tall.

The Riverton City Council cited a municipal code that classifies flagpoles as signs at commercial businesses, according to County 10. The statute prohibits any sign on the Main Street corridor over 30 feet in height.

Howard hoped the City Council would make an exception for his proposed flagpole, which would also include LED lighting to illuminate the United States and Wyoming state flags in front of his package liquor store. After the council rejected his request for a variance to the statute earlier this year, Howard filed an appeal with the City Board of Adjustment, which was dismissed on Monday.

The City Council and Howard are expected to reach a compromise on the project. A proposed addendum to the municipal code was introduced on Monday which would raise the maximum height for flagpoles to between 40 and 50 feet and establish specific guidelines for the lighting of flags on Main Street.

Howard says he plans to build the flagpole next spring, which will display a 15' by 20' American flag in accordance with Riverton's revised municipal code. Due to the height restrictions, he no longer plans to display the Wyoming state flag.



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