The man who invented Blue Moon beer is bringing non-alcohol marijuana beers that don’t just taste like cannabis, like other beers but are infused with the psychoactive compound THC that will get you high.

“Right now, he's testing different strains of cannabis in the brewing process to nail down a flavor palate somewhere between incredibly skunky and zero marijuana flavor at all.”

Available this fall in Colorado, they hope to export to other states where marijuana is legal. There are concerns that because THC infused products can take an hour or more to feel it’s effects, people may over-imbibe, but they say “the drink will “hit” the user at the same pace as if they were drinking a beer.”

“Villa's "beer," because it lacks alcohol, skirts that federal ban, even though marijuana itself remains federally illegal.”

Keith Villa, who has a literal doctorate degree in brewing sciences, will “deliver products designed to deliver a consistent user experience with the same onset time as alcohol.”

Currently, this is how many brewers marry marijuana with beer:

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