This town will have you "nestled between the mountains and reality."

Looking for a good travel bucket list for 2018? Why not check out the cities across the country that are up-and-coming travel destinations? Thanks to TripAdvisor, we've got that list and will be packing our bags in no time. What's even better is that this list is based strictly on user reviews and referrals.

And one of them ain't too far from Wyoming.

A little road trip down south and you'll run into Boulder, Colorado. This city, right outside of Denver, made TripAdvisor's list of "Top Destinations on the Rise - United States." In fact, Boulder is number five on that list. The travel site praised this "city nestled between the mountains and reality" for its urban twist on outdoor fun. On top of the great outdoors, Boulder offers a wide range of shops and restaurants to satisfy any traveler's desire.

Here's TripAdvisor's top 10:

10. Lexington, Kentucky

9. Omaha, Nebraska

8. Greenville, South Carolina

7. Richmond, Virgnia

6. Paso Robles, California

5. Boulder, Colorado

4. Bend, Oregon

3. Wilmington, North Carolina

2. Waco, Texas

1. Kapaa, Hawaii

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