A dispute between a homeowner and a Colorado contractor ended badly when the contractor returned to destroy the newly-finished bathroom he had just done.

"They Showed Up Like Thugs..."

The incident is well-chronicled on Amber Trucke's Facebook page, where she says  "they showed up like thugs and destroyed my property. " "They" refers to Terry Gregory and Jordan Cazares of Dream Home Remodels of Colorado Springs.

The Dispute

At the heart of the dispute is a disagreement between Trucke and Gregory on when the final payment for the work should be made. Trucke had paid approximately half of the $7555 cost of the project but said she wanted to see the finished work and make sure all the new fixtures worked properly before making the final payment. Gregory, it seems didn't want to wait for his money.

On her Facebook page, Trucke said that on Friday, Gregory demanded payment and then came back less than 24 hours later to demolish the bathroom when she did not remit payment. In the video, Gregory says "we put weeks into this, thousands of dollars into this. Is somebody going to pay me? This is my property, I have receipts for everything."

Angry Tirade Captured On Video

Amber Trucke was at work when the contractor showed up, and the whole ordeal was captured on video by a neighbor. There are two sides to every story, but it's hard to look at the photos below and think the contractor was way out of line.

Angry Colorado Contractor Destroys New Bathroom Remodel

A common practice in businesses is a little thing called a "grace period." But when a Colorado Springs homeowner refused to pay until the work was completely and satisfactorily done, the contractor decided to make it right by destroying the work he had just done. Here's what it looked like.


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