I can honestly say that I did not wake up today expecting to get to see horses playing piano, but that's exactly what I have here. The best part is the backstory of why the horses are tickling the ivories is even better than the video itself.

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This fun moment happened in Colorado Springs a few days ago. Here's the backstory from the video share explaining who these horses are and why what they're doing is special:

Brooksie, Wesley, and Lady are all horse rescues from kill pens. They are part of my Misfit Crew Sanctuary. My sanctuary rescues senior, critical care needs, and hospice horses. We have partnered with Children’s Hospice in Denver so those kiddos can come down and meet the horses. We are working on establishing the same partnership with Ronald McDonald House. I am always looking for new opportunities to teach the horse fun things to do with the kids. One of my horses even dances

Don't tell anyone, but I took piano lessons for 7 years and doubt that I could match these horses for musical aptitude.

What a sweet effort to have these animals be available to help cheer up ailing children. Quite possibly the best pick-me-up moment making its rounds on the net today.

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