A Colorado guy now realizes he made a very wise decision. He was on the fence about getting bear-proof garbage cans. 3 curious bears decided to come confirm he made the right call.

Based on the video description, this close encounter of the bear kind happened in Boulder, Colorado. Here's what the resident said about the video he shared:

A mama bear and her cubs were trying to get into my garbage bins, which are bear-proof. I watched them for a bit before deciding I didn't want the bears to look at my home as a safe haven for food. I opened the sliding glass door to scare them off and the mama bear charged me

Great decision, sir...except for that opening the back door moment. Yikes. These 3 bears don't lack determination. That's for sure.

Maybe next time don't open the back door while the bears are still around? Let the bears get frustrated and leave on their own.

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ABC News did a fascinating story about how products get to be bear-proof a few years ago. It's at a bear sanctuary in West Yellowstone, Montana.

If you can withstand 60 minutes inside a bear enclosure and not be invaded with food inside, you are a champ.

Bear-proof trash cans on Amazon aren't cheap. You can easily pay several hundred dollars for one, but it's the kind of product that can help make your property less appealing to bears. For the camping products, they could save your life.

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