Conan O'Brien is a talk show host, a very funny person, and frankly a national treasure. While he and his team have suspended production of their TBS late-night show, Conan has been making videos to combat the spread of despair along with the spread of the coronavirus.

OK, maybe 'combat the spread of despair' was a little overdramatic. But Conan has been making videos this week that are funny, a little bit helpful (a little bit) and help me take my mind off the current state of the world. So, I want to share them and maybe they'll do the same for you.

First up is a Saint Patrick' Day special, where Conan demonstrates a festive way of cleaning up after a day of Blarney Stone kissing...or something. I will say wasting that whiskey did make me sad.

Next, Conan gives some helpful tips and tricks on how to prep that big self-quarantine time-killing project you promise yourself you're going to do just as soon as you watch another episode (season) of The Office.

In this last video, Conan shares some life-hacks for keeping the workplace going. His tips are probably not helpful but they are funny.

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