There are a few rules to be aware of

One of the best things about Christmas is the memories of family, friends, music, cider, cookies, colorful presents, good cheer, and it all centers around the Christmas Tree. Some like the ease of artificial trees, others live. You can buy them or you can cut them yourself and involve the family in the trip, choosing the perfect tree, cutting it down, loading it up and then having some cocoa. Memories are made of this.

If you’re ready to cut your own tree, Medicine Bow National Forests are offering permits in Wyoming and Colorado. Each $10 permit is good for one tree and are limited to five per home and each tree must be for your personal use, you cannot resell them. Permits are available at all Ranger District offices and all sales are final and non-refundable.

There are a few rules to be aware of include: Attach the permit to the trunk of the tree as soon as it is cut down and before leaving the cutting area.
• Transport the tree so the permit is clearly visible from outside your vehicle.
• Don’t top trees by leaving the lower part of the tree standing. Leave a stump less than six inches and cut below the lowest live limb.
• Use boughs from the lower section of the tree you cut, NOT from other live trees.
• Do NOT cut trees greater than 20 feet in height.
• Do NOT cut trees that are more than six inches in diameter at the stump.

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Michael Dodge, Getty Images