Denver is giddy about making Amazon’s list of cities for their “HQ2”, but that may not be everyone in the Mile High City. Adding 50,000 jobs sounds great, however, Governor John Hickenlooper said if the company picks another city, “I’m not going to cry.” The Denver Post reports Hickenlooper explained there may be a few headaches the state could avoid. But the Colorado governor is still happily pursuing Amazon.

According to The Denver Post, a number of bidding cities studied the estimated effects. It says, "home prices in the winning market would increase by as much as 6 percent a year … while also pushing up local wages.” Yikes.

All I can imagine is another 50,000 workers added to Denver’s crowded commute. If you’re a Wyomingite, you may fear even more Greenies who will want to flee to the Cowboy State. Maybe there’s more and more reason for that fear. Some Capitol City residents say we are already getting too many people here.

At least in Wyoming, we can have a sense of relief because the state doesn't have any towns large enough to lure a company employing 50,000. That’s only slightly less than either of our two largest populations, Casper or Cheyenne. We would need to build a tent city larger than we had in our boom town beginning. Hmmm, then again, maybe that would solve a few of our problems.