Thursday, June 20th is the NBA draft and teams are working out players to see who they want. The Denver Nuggets have their eye on former UW basketball player Justin James, according to KGWN.

Justin was just recently with the Nuggets as a part of their pre-draft workout. He almost went into the draft last year but backed out. James had an amazing career with Wyoming and a pretty good senior year with 22.1 points per game leading the Mountain West conference and being ranked 19th nationally in scoring. His senior year he had 706 points total and finished his career with 2,061 points which put him third for most points in Wyoming history.

CBS Sports has Justin ranked as the number 122 pick in the NBA draft. With there only being two rounds in the draft most likely if he gets drafted it will be in the second round. If he doesn't get drafted he still has a chance of making a team. Justin could go workout for a team, they could sign him and he can play for that team or for their D-league team and try to make it to the main roster. His other option would be going overseas to play which may be a good choice for someone like him.

The last player to get drafted in the NBA draft out of Wyoming was Larry Nance Jr. in 2015 by the Los Angeles Lakers. He was selected in the first round as the 27th overall pick.

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