If you’re like me, you totally didn’t see last night’s upset win by the Nuggets over the Clippers coming. I was watching in the first half and the Clippers had a 7 or 8-point lead and was like, yeah, we’re getting an LA vs LA Conference Championship. But now, the Nuggets have the chance to beat the Evil Empire of the NBA(or at least that’s what I like to call them).  The Nuggets took the lead and didn’t look back, pulling off a 104-89.  

So now what? Why do the Nuggets keep doing this to us? Every time we think they’re out, they’re still in it. Is that something we should worry about? Maybe a little fatigue? They’ve played 14 games. The Lakers played 2 less games in their last series.  

Ain’t no party like Bubble Party in Disney and a Bubble Party in Disney don’t stop until curfew. 

This probably isn’t the best match-up that the Nuggets could have gotten against the Lakers, but how great would it be for the Nuggets to take down Lebron and the Lakers? We could probably push for it to be a national holiday.  

Now, all eyes are going to be on Friday Night for Game 1 of the Conference Finals, tip-off will be at 7, so buy that jersey, get that foam finger out and let’s cheer on the Nuggets against a perfect villainous team. Yes, the Lakers are basically a combination of Scar, Cruella DeVille and the hunter that shot Bambi all in one. Go Nugs! 

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