A tip of the hat to Only In Your State. I had no idea that we had a lake in our own backyard that was this deep and also making the list as one of the deepest lakes in the United States, with parts of the lake being 600 feet deep!

Now, I'm not saying that we have lake monsters or anything fun like that swimming around down there, but, 600 feet is pretty deep, we could totally have an Ole Gregg situation going on 600 plus feet below. Or, you know, a Wyoming version of Nessie.

But, I digress.

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The lake that Only In Your State references is Fremont Lake. Fremont Lake is only second in size in the state to Yellowstone Lake, which is enormous, so that's pretty hard to top in a strictly mass competition.

The article was also very complimentary of Wind River Range and Pinedale. They gave the area a must-see mention if you're in Wyoming.

I wonder what kind of fish are in the lake for a fishing trip? There should be plenty of honey holes throughout the lake with the enormous depths that are throughout.

Any way you look at it, as we head into the warmer months, Wyoming is and will always be a great location for the "great outdoors" and finding special places like Fremont Lake to explore, hike, fish, or boat. It's nice to see in a publication that this particular place is desirable and a place to be. The secret is out on Fremont Lake.

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