Breathe new life to your boring Post-It notes.

With the new year right around the corner, have you thought of any New Year resolutions? These are goals that we set for ourselves for the next year and each year we hope that they stick. I might have found a new way to create resolutions that is way more fun than just scribbling them on a piece of paper.

Vision boards.

The words sound very buzz worthy, don't they? I had heard about people on podcasts who had created these so I thought, I'm doing one too. And let me tell you, it was a ton of fun to make and in the end I felt that it was fairly accurate when compared to the actual year I lived.

Before I started I wondered what I should be looking for. I told myself to just find anything that speaks to you. Any thing that makes you stare at the page longer than a second must be a part of your vision. I looked for items that were bold and colorful, quotes that spoke to me, people who inspire me (famous and not), or things that just felt like... well, Jess.

I grabbed a bunch of magazines and a piece of poster paper, a roll of double-sided tape and a glass of wine. I started by just going through the magazines page by page and tearing out the pages that spoke to me. Then I cut out whatever elements I felt fit into my vision of the next year and began arranging them on the poster paper. I spent a lot of time dong this, but I loved it. This was a project that totally fed my need to craft.

The key is to hang this where you can see it every single day. Your closet my be a great place as you are probably in there almost every day. Not only should this remind you of where you're headed, but it should remind you of who you are on the inside. I found that a vision board is less daunting than a laundry list of things I need to do. If you are a person who gets excited about a to-do list, then be my guest and do things in the way that works for you. However, if you are a visual person then you might want to try this!

If you do create a vision board for 2020, please send me a pic!

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