Do you ever use a phone book to look up a number any more?

The new phone book arrived at our house today, wrapped in it's bright yellow bag. It reminded me of the scene from Steve Martin's movie 'The Jerk,' where Navin Johnson gets overly excited that 'the new phone books are here' and now 'I am somebody.'I'm surprised that any companies are still publishing a phone book now that most people can bring up a directory right on their mobile phones or computer. I do still use my old phone directories for their maps and for their restaurant sections which contain menus.

Most of the phone numbers I'm searching for are cell phones which wouldn't be listed in the phone book. When the power goes out or you can't find your charger, it's always nice to have a back up resource like this one.

Also, if your kid needs a boost to reach the kitchen table, sitting on your cell phone just doesn't work as well as using the old phone book.

Phone Books Used for Snooker Shot in London, 1959, Keystone Hulton Archive, Getty Images